About Us

Heavenly Earth is a small nursery of mostly native trees and shrubs nestled in 25 acres of mixed forest. We are located on the Bothwell Sand Plain in Southwestern Ontario one hour east of Windsor, one hour west of London and north of the 401.

We purchased this property about 30 years ago; it was an abandoned Christmas tree plantation, planted in the early 1950’s.  We felt very fortunate to have found this little treasure. Over the last few years the Scotch Pine has been declining in large numbers. At first we were very concerned; we did not want to lose our bush.

We started noticing that Am. Beech, Red and Sugar Maple, Red and White Oak, all types of Dogwood, and more, were beginning to pop-up. We were seeing forest succession first hand, from an introduced species to native mixed hardwood; the forest wanted to return to its original Carolinian nature.

A few years ago I began planting a few seedlings and growing them on; thus Heavenly Earth was born in name. But, in essence, it has been here for 60 years, providing a haven for the many birds, animals and plants that have lived and visited here, creating a little piece of Heavenly Earth.

Most of our stock is grown in containers. We purchase seedlings and grow them outdoors in real soil. We do not use any chemical fertilizers, trying our best to give each species its “cultural needs”. Nor do we use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, instead we use hands-on. Mulching is very important to us: mulch adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil, keeps roots cool, conserve water and keeps down weeds. We feel that all of these factors help to give the plants a healthy, more natural start in life.

Over the last few years we have also been collecting seed and taking cuttings, it has been a learning process with wins and failures.

We would very much like you to come and visit Heavenly Earth!

Liz Marshall & Dale Sawyer

PLEASE GIVE US A CALL:   1-519-692-4714